Fish on three classic Humboldt rivers

The Mad River

Close to town, easy access, with both wild and hatchery fish. Perfect for all skill levels. Special river access for bank fishermen and drift boats. Register for special permitted River Access brought to you by Green Diamond Resource Co. Click here for Map.

Current river conditions

River forecast

The Mad will start to fish at 8 feet or approximately 1,500 cfs near Arcata. 7.5 to 7 feet is ideal for bait.

• Special Mad River Access, click here.

The Trinity River

Mile after mile of riffles, runs, and pools flowing through rocky canyons alongside Highway 299. Humboldt’s ‘Go-to’ stream for fish to 12 lbs. Easy access for both wild and hatchery fish. A fly fishermen’s paradise.

Current river conditions

River forecast

Upper Trinity typically flows at 450 cfs on the Douglas City gauge, this is fairly clear water.

Lower Trinity at Hoopa gauge – once it gets under 3,000, it will be green. The condition of the south fork will dictate the color of the lower Trinity.

The Eel River

One of the West’s legendary steelhead streams. Lined with old-growth redwoods, angling on the Eel is a journey back in time. Wild fish to 20 lbs. This is a Catch & Release only river.

Current river conditions

River forecast at Miranda

River forecast at Scotia

The main stem Eel will start to turn green right around 5,000 cfs, but 3,000 cfs is ideal.

The Miranda area (middle) of the South Fork will fish at 2,000 cfs, ideal is 1,200 cfs.

The Leggett area will start to fish around 1,500 cfs.