Many consider the North Coast of California to be the birthplace of salmonid fisheries restoration. Humboldt Steelhead Days’ primary purpose is to showcase and fundraise for this important work – and have some fun in the process!

From one weekend on the Mad River four years ago, organized by Mad River Alliance founder and HSD executive director, Dave Feral, Humboldt Steelhead Days has grown to a three-month long, countywide celebration of our iconic winter steelhead and the coastal rivers that nourish them. For a complete list of HSD events, click here!

Restoration, Protection and Awareness

All HSD proceeds go toward protection, recovery, and restoration in several Humboldt watersheds.

The aim of Humboldt Steelhead Days is to raise money AND public awareness both locally and beyond Humboldt’s borders. On the one hand, we wish to foster the ongoing recovery and restoration of salmonid populations here in Humboldt. On the other, as anglers, lovers of nature, and residents, we wish to share with the initiated and uninitiated alike, the wild, robust nature of winter steelhead. We do this through a host of angling experiences, spawning and restoration tours, a steelhead-themed fine art exhibition, and many other ‘fishy’ activities for locals and visitors alike.

Buy doing so we hope to further reveal and expand our deeply felt physical, emotional, and spiritual connection to these magnificent fish and the wild waters and coastal mountains they return to every winter-the place we call home.

Indeed, Humboldt Steelhead Days is also about Humboldt County in the wintertime; some rain, some sun, some very fine people amidst remarkable natural beauty AND our legendary winter steelhead returning home to us from the sea.

Photo by Dane Molina