Steelhead Days 6 Winners & Entries List

Thank you all for participating in Humboldt Steelhead Days, year 6!
Mad River Top 3 Winners & Entries for HSD#6, 2019
1 Tyrone B: 32.5 inch hatchery steelhead
2 Julie J: 32 inch hatchery steelhead
3 Wyatt M: 31 inch hatchery steelhead
• Charlie H.: 30 inch hatchery steelhead
• Mark A.: 30 inch and 28.5 inch hatchery steelhead
• Robert J.: 28 inch hatchery steelhead
• Chris D: 27 inch hatchery steelhead
Trinity River Top 3 Winners & Entries for HSD#6, 2019
1 James S.: 14 inch hatchery steelhead
2 Wyatt M: 13 inch hatchery steelhead
Photo Contest Winners & Entries, HSD#6, 2019
• Chris D: masked fisherman in drift boat in winter rain
• Fred C: Steelhead head close up, gills wet
• Tyler V: Steelhead tail close up
• Charlie H: photo of his friend (Fred) fishing the Mad
• Chuck C: Wild fish in the net, gills wet (fishing with Rivers Edge Adventures)
• Drew P: Wild Steelhead on the fly, gills wet
• Aaron M: Wild Steelhead on the fly, gills wet
Kids and Family:
• Wyatt M: Family fishing for trout at Trinity Lake
• Cole VP (12 years old): Mad River hatchery fish
• Erik VS: 7-year old’s first time fishing on the Mad
• James S: Fish jumping on the Trinity River
HSD6 would like to thank all our volunteers, partners, sponsors and donors for making this year possible!
– Tracy Mac/Fishing Coordinator

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