Steelhead showing up on the Klamath

Photo courtesy of Mike Coopman’s Guide Service

Fishing the North Coast with Kenny Priest
August 23, 2018
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River Report:

Lower Klamath
The steelhead fishing remains solid and we’re catching a few salmon reports Mike Coopman of Mike Coopman’s Guide Service. He said, “There are quite a few salmon around, but I think with all the pressure, they aren’t in the biting mood. There’s still some moss coming down and the lots of boat pressure – I think that has a lot to do with the salmon not biting as well as they should be. The number of adult steelhead and half-pounders around however, is more than making up for the lack of salmon,” Coopman added.

Lower Rogue
The Rogue fished well over the weekend with limits for most guides according to Martin. He said, “Scores were down to a fish per rod Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday the morning incoming tide took off. Anchovies with green blades are working best. Some salmon have now moved above the bay.”

Klamath River quota update
According to Dan Troxel, an Environmental Scientist on the Klamath River Project, 190 adult salmon have been harvested from the Highway 96 bridge at Weitchpec to the Klamath mouth towards the quota of 1,745. Of those, 105 adults were caught below the Hwy. 101 bridge. The spit fishery will close when 523 adults are caught below the 101 bridge. Only the spit area will close to fishing once this quota is met, fishing will remain open upriver of the spit until the 1,745 quota is met. Anglers may keep track of the Klamath and Trinity river quotas by calling 800-564-6479. For Klamath and Trinity fishing regulations, visit

Willow Creek weir installation begins
Installation of Willow Creek weir for the 2018 trapping season began on Wednesday, August 22 according to Mary Claire Kier of the CA Department of Fish and Wildlife – Trinity River Project. “The weir will be in the same location as last year,  just upstream of Trinity River Farms,” said Kier. “We have a new submerged boat gate this year which we believe we have designed to allow rafts and boats to float over. There is signage indicating where it is, and it is the only part of the weir line that doesn’t stick up a couple of feet. We have located the boat gate on the Hwy 96 side of the river (river left, headed downstream), and believe that we’ve left enough space for boaters to comfortably navigate the culvert that is stuck in the riverbed below us. There will be a fish trap in the river upstream of the weir line, but just river right of the gate. The weir site will be staffed 24/7 for the duration of the season, so if you need help please ask,” said Kier.

Trinity flow reductions
On Friday Aug. 24, flows released from Lewiston Dam into the Trinity River will be reduced from 800 to 700 cfs.

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