Redwood EdVentures Quests – Steelhead Days Edition


Enjoy a special collaboration between Redwood EdVentures and Humboldt Steelhead Days. Go on one or more of these selected Redwood EdVentures Quests during Humboldt Steelhead Days. Take a picture of yourself somewhere on the Quest while holding either the EdVentures brochure or a piece of paper with the hashtag #HSD on it. Register your Quest Clue on our online registration form and upload your #HSD Photo to get a very special Humboldt Steelhead Days patch along with your Redwood EdVenture patch. We will mail your patches to you. This special offer is only available through our website!


What is a quest?

A quest is a scavenger hunt with interpretive clues leading you through many North Coast parks. Each quest should take 30 minutes to an hour to complete. At the end of your EdVenture, you will find a final phrase hidden in the park, or a question that needs to be answered.

Write the phrase or answer on your quest brochure and then enter your info on our online registration form. And for featured the quests listed below, you an also get your Steelhead Days patch. (Limit one Steelhead Days patch per person.) 

Steelhead Days Quests:

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