HSD Fishing Contest Winners

Humboldt Steelhead Days Fishing Contest Winners
• All Winners will need to fill out a W-9 form and send into Mad River Alliance at PO Box 1252, Blue Lake, CA 95525 or send to madriveralliance@suddenlink.net

Note: For the most up to date info., check the HSD Facebook page.


Mad River

in FIRST PLACE: John Boak, from Fortuna
INCHES: 36” × 19” = 18.8 lb native caught on 3/1/17

John Boak mad

in SECOND PLACE: Wyatt McBroom, from Willow Creek
INCHES: 35 inches


in THIRD PLACE: Richard Burrow, from Eureka INCHES: 34.75” inches

Honorable Mentions:

Eddie Vandenbossche, from Hydesville: 32 inches
Brian Larsen, from Eureka: 32 inches

Eddie 32

Mark Aviles, from Arcata: 31 inches

Charlie Holthaus, from Arcata: 30 inches

Jean-Christophe Worth, from Arcata: 29 /14 x 15 inches = 8.8lbs


Eel River

in FIRST PLACE: Dan Nored, from McKinleyville, signed up for the contest at RMI Outdoors
INCHES: 29” caught and released on 3/12/17 with fishing guide Alan Borges


in SEOND PLACE: Tommy Sarver, signed up at Mad River Tackle in Arcata
INCHES: 28″ caught and released on 3/15/17


TIE for THIRD PLACE: Corey Adams, from Arcata
INCHES: 27” caught and released on 3/3/17, while fishing with guide Kenny Priest of Fishing the North Coast

corey3  Corey


Ross Lane, of McKinleyville
INCHES: 27″ on the South Fork of the Eel River



Honorable Mention:
Chris Vela,
from McKinleyville: 26” caught and released on 3/3/17, while fishing with guide Kenny Priest of Fishing the North Coast
Ruben Rios, from McKinleyville: 24″  caught and released  on 3/12/17


Trinity River

in FIRST PLACE: Chris Edwards
INCHES: 27.5 inch hatchery steelhead
17265009_1907870792765491_5345681939900727734_n 17264103_1907870796098824_2184484985199301108_n 17155666_1907870799432157_923116282790939469_n
in SECOND PLACE: Charlie Holthaus
INCHES: 25-inch hatchery caught on 3/30
in THIRD PLACE: Charlie Holthaus
INCHES: 18-inch, caught on 3/30

Honorable Mentions:
Wyatt McBroom on 3/3/17 near Salyer
INCHES: 16.5 inches
James Simon, Trinity River 3/12/17
INCHES: 11.5
Honorable Mentions: Andrew Rossow, from Palo Cedro, 30” x 16.75 (he didn’t photograph his fish with a measuring tape)



Requirements to win prize money:

• Sign up for the contest on www.humboldtsteelheaddays.com under SIGN UP tab, or sign up at these outlets: RMI Outdoors, Pacific Outfitters in Eureka, Mr. Fish Seafood, Mad River Tackle or Sport & Cycle in Fortuna. $10 entry.

• Catch and photograph a steelhead from January to March 31 on the Mad, Trinity or Eel River. Hatchery (andipose fin clipped off) fish can be measured and photographed out of the water. Hatchery fish can be kept. All wild fish (#keepemwet) must be photographed and partially submerged in the river for measurement. Please handle wild fish as gently as possible. The Eel River is a catch and release only river. Please review your 2017 California Department of Fish & Wildlife Regulations before fishing and fill out your CA Steelhead Report Card.

• Measuring steelhead: Lay the tape along your fish nose to tail. Take a photo of the steelhead and the tape, so we can see the length. Post your photo to the HSD Facebook page with the #hashtag humboldtsteelheaddays; or email them to humboldtsteelheaddays@gmail.com; or you can upload them to humboldtsteelheaddays.com under the Contest tab. Include your name, and where and when the photo was taken.

• Only steelhead caught and photographed between January 1 – March 31, 2017 on Mad, Trinity, and Eel Rivers are eligible to win. Honor system please.

• 1st place: $1,000; 2nd: $450; 3rd: $300 Winners will need to fill out a W-9 form and submit to HSD before payment. send to humboldtsteelheaddays@gmail.com.

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Humboldt Steelhead Days reserves the right to change this promotion at any time during the event. Furthermore, the final winners will be decided on by a HSD panel of judges and the panel of judges have the right to disqualify any angler for any reason. Anglers may not be present to win when winners are announced. If the selected winners do not respond or contact HSD after 60 days from April 1st, 2017 or after the winners were publically announced on the HSD website and social media, HSD reserves the right to either select another winner or forfeit the winner’s prize money.

For questions, contact Dave Feral, Humboldt Steelhead Days founder at dferal@madriveralliance.org or call the voice mail and leave a message: (707) 502-2280

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